Welcome to my company. 🙂

My name is je Alenka Gaja. I was born in a small farm village in the abundance of nature and peace.

After the passage of childhood in which I experienced a wide range of emotions / feelings and pains, by ignorance of myself and by the confrontation with life, I bravely stepped into the path of searching for myself and my essence. I received exactly those experiences and situations that enabled me to become more and more aware of myself and my life as a challenge. Despite the misunderstanding of situations and life as a whole, I was aware of the fact that there is something more. This always led me to a deeper discovery and meaningful linking of the fragments of the path from birth to the next.

15 years of researching and discovering myself, has brought me into a deep contact with me, giving me insight into the reality of life and the connection of my whole path on the earth and beyond.

As a soul, I have already walked many lives before birth to earth. All past lives and reincarnations have enabled me to connect my present life into a whole. Through contact with them, I as a soul received insight into my undiscovered talents, the sense of experience (painful and less painful), and in all relationships that accompany me here and now. All my life contracts have brought me to the place where I am today.

Today I am a collection of the whole of my soul and physical body, which enable me to live consciously and devoted to my purpose of living on Earth.

My path to entrepreneurship was the consequence of my soul contract and the commitment that I as a soul guide will care for the awakening and connection of individual souls into a whole and unity. As an entrepreneur in the physical world, I am here for you, my dear wife, to encourage you and direct you into the awakening of yourself – through communication with you and the universe.



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